“... Enchanting performance last night at the Metropolitan Room in NYC. From sultry to saucy, Abigail Rockwell had us spellbound. What a magical Manhattan evening!”
— Mark Alden Lukas, Lukas Design Group

”Abigail Rockwell shined her torch songs on her great talent and gave us refreshing versions of the old standards. What a terrific start in NYC for a splendid performance singing artist. She really did bring in the Spring.”
— Sherman Yellen, award-winning screenwriter, playwright and lyricist

” I heard the echo of another singer in Rockwell's vocals... Her voice is a bit deeper and fuller, but her phrasing, her use of occasional melisma, and the breathy sexiness of her sound call to mind Morgana King... high praise.”
— Gerry Geddes, Bistro Awards



Wednesday, September 28th @ 8p

Cafe Noctambulo at Pangea

"Autumn Noir : Echoes of Jazz"

A new show by Abigail Rockwell. Musical Direction and trio with pianist, Gary Versace.

This show is Torch, Noir and Autumn. And in the midst of the darker tones, there is room to swing in the face of it all.


Abigail Rockwell